Explore the art of tailoring with 4Belt by our exclusive service that turns your wishes into reality. Trust the skill of our specialized craftsmen to create a unique and completely personalized belt. Choose materials, colors and finishes to create your distinctive accessory. Contact us now for a tailor-made quote and wear your exclusivity with pride.

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    4BELT offers a versatile range of sizes to ensure your belt is as unique as you are. Choose between:

    • SMALL : Perfect for a discreet touch of style, with slim sections that accentuate elegance.
    • MID : Balances refinement and presence with medium proportions for an ideal balance.
    • LARGE : Stand out with wider sections, ideal for making a bold style statement.
    • FULL : A seamless option for aesthetic continuity that flows with your outfit.
    • WRITE : Personalize with a message or motto that represents you, engraved directly on the belt.

    Each option is designed to fit your vision, from the most refined discretion to the most assertive personality. Experiment with 4BELT formats to capture the essence of your personal style


    Personalize your 4BELT with our exclusive selection of art patches! Choose from the following options:

    • ALL : Dress up your belt with a full collection of patches for a look that captures attention and reflects your eclectic spirit.
    • SPOT : Place a distinctive patch in a specific spot for an accent that speaks to your personal taste.
    • BACK FW : Decorate the back of your belt with patches that show off your personality every time you take off your jacket.
    • TWO : Two patches selected for a perfect balance between simplicity and style.
    • UNO : A single patch as a declaration of timeless elegance and impeccable taste.

    Our patches range from pop-cultural icons to classic motifs, allowing you to express your uniqueness in every detail. Send us your favorites and transform your belt into a personal masterpiece to wear!